Rehearsal "Tapes"

Come and join us in Johnnys cellar, the place where we come up with all our tunes. As you can see some rough boys have been here before us and have scrawled scary things on the walls and decorated it with voodoo totems but we soon got over our initial fright and now feel quite at home here.

Should you be wondering why all the files are prefixed with "R09_nnn" well that's the prefix that the Edirol R-09 gives its recordings and we keep them as a useful archive tool.

Due to space constraints we're also only now keeping the last few rehearsals online. If you want any of the older stuff you'll have to ask nicely.

Selected Rehearsal Tracks









Sadly it's been four weeks since our last rehearsal and poor old Dunbars finger still isn't healed properly. However we were all keen to at least get together and have a go (if Dunbar couldn't play for long we were going to carry on with him singing or playing tambourine !) However we not only managed to run through the set but we also jammed out a nice little tune.


Someone had left a crate of Ricard, a bulb of garlic, three packets of Gauloises, several French sticks a selection of fine cheese and a couple of berets in the cellar this week... So naturally we went all "Ohh la la". Ding, dang, dong indeed !


Unfortunately "Lucky Boy" couldn't be with us tonight so, with no gig imminent, we worked on some new songs and (with apologies to Anley Stunwin) did a cover of a Rolly Stokers number.


Again we mostly ran through the set in preparation for Saturdays gig. But we still managed to come up with a new tune and continue work on last weeks new effort.


This week we mostly ran through the set to shake off the rust in preparation for next weeks gig. But we still managed to come up with a new tune.

2008/2009 Jams/Work In Progress

Well here's the full set of rehearsal jams that we've done that are either candidates for being worked on or ready for forgetting about.