Los Reyes Ciegos

Another year rolls around and around for The Blind Kings and they still live by that old muddy river. The songs just keep falling off the same rotten log and landing squarely in their damp and dirty laps. When you've been around for ever you'll be around for ever. It's easier that way. Around and around. No dreams. Nothing to come true. Just stir up the mojo pot and feel like you are. For ever !


'I remember the eighties! What the fuck blew them along? Sir Gelfod and Waspy and Bonona saving the world and fair play. But then everyone wanted you to do it for charity for the worthless the pointless and the needless ! And it still stands. Rich do gooding wankers !!!'

'The first note I remember hearing was an A. I remember because I heard a C around the same time' Eric Clapton

'Our bass player is a fucking weirdo! He's a Scandinavian for fucks sake!'

'He's the only Venezuelan I have ever met. Besides his brother and sister, the girl who works behind the bar in the Old Town Hall, the girl who works behind the bar in the Plough and her sisters. But I bet none of them can drum as good as he can. That's not why he's known as the Max though.'

'Blind and fucking stupid. Yeah we all qualify for that accolade.'

Why all the "pigeon" Spanish ?, 'Our bassist's half Swedish, our drummer's from Venezuala and we have a trumpet player. Isn't it obvious ?'