Live At The Victoria, St. Annes 7th March 2009

It's a month since our last gig (which was also at the Vic.) so here we are again ! Sadly though the day has already started somewhat badly as bass player Ramjet fell off his pushbike when his chain slipped off during a morning hill climb which caused him to throw himself at the Earth with sufficient strength to fracture his elbow. Following this ace guitarist Dunbar then managed to trap one of his fingers whilst bringing the amps in... Two days later and a blackened finger tip is confirmed as broken by the nice pople at the local Hospital (conincidentally also called the Vic - ed.).

However despite both being in pain we carry on and, all things considered, play rather well (even if we do say so ourselves - ed.) One gentleman in the audience was even moved to compare us to Captain Beefheart which is a complement indeed !

So after the Blind Kings finish a quick trip to the local phonebox sees most of the band re-emerge in the guise of their alter egos "Razor Dog" who once again play a storming set to a slightly sozzled crowd !

In fact the only downside to the whole evening was the poor quality of the photogrpahy as, despite taking 4 sets of rechargeable batteries, they were all almost flat. Ho hum, I suppose it's better than nothing (but only just - ed.)

Selected Pictures
bk2009-03-07-001.jpg bk2009-03-07-002.jpg
bk2009-03-07-003.jpg bk2009-03-07-004.jpg
bk2009-03-07-005.jpg bk2009-03-07-006.jpg

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Set List

Recorded using an AKG AT822 microphone feeding into an Edirol R09. Mastered in the Temple of Din.

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